Sydney to Brisbane

Friday, October 24th, 2008 by

It was lovely to have mom with me the past few days. Yesterday, I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, I couldn’t get up until 11am. We went to the Centrepoint Tower and were met by a staff member, Mira, who’d attended the concert on Wednesday night. Mira set up a personal tour by some staff members. The view of Sydney was gorgeous despite the overcast and rainy skies. I can only imagine how it looks on a clear day! After the concert, mom had the chance to speak briefly to Stevie, which was nice. She’s so proud of me and grateful to him for having hired me! This morning, we woke up late again, and only had time to prepare for leaving. I suppose I’ll just have to keep working hard and one day save up for a vacation in Australia, giving us enough time to look around and do some real sight-seeing!
Mom took off for her flight back to the USA and the rest of us flew to Brisbane. This city is also beautiful! I went for a nice walk and dinner with Ryan, Roman and Munyungo. It was a good day!

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