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The artists of the world need your support. Art plays such an important role in people’s lives, but for those of us who are fully independent, trying to find a balance of work that pays and work that builds our skill set is a tricky proposition. Public gigs pay very little (in comparison to the effort to prepare for them), and very few people actually purchase CDs or pay for downloads any more. But the opportunity to be a Patron of the Arts exists!

Patreon is a website that allows people to directly contribute to the creation of musical works, sustaining a musical career, and promoting completed projects and concerts).

Please consider joining my Patreon page. I appreciate your support, but so do many other professional artists. Please show your support by going to live shows, buying CDs, merchandise, and spreading the word when you encounter music that touches your heart.

Patreon: Victoria Theodore

Or if you just want to contribute directly, here’s my PayPal link. Your kind support is much appreciated!



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