You should host a Victoria Theodore House Concert!



What’s a House Concert? A house concert is an event that allows the host and their invited guests the chance to experience music in an intimate and unique environment. It’s made possible by someone (like you) opening up their home and inviting me into their living room to offer a performance for their friends and family. It’s a chance to meet, chat and imbibe with me and to buy CDs, t-shirts and other merchandise, any of which I’m happy to sign.

Why host a house concert? Honestly, house concert touring is better for artists like me on every measurable career level: My community of music fans grows, more people join my email list, I sell more CDs / t-shirts / etc, and I generate more income. Imagine the difference it makes for building my music community and making connections when I’m able to sing a song in your living room, sitting only a short distance away from listeners, and then have a normal conversation with them, instead of yelling at each other over loud music while the next band performs in a dark night club, which is common in traditional venues.

Just for clarity:
  1. House concerts are NOT randomly public events – unless that’s what you want.  YOU decide who will attend.  The guest list is fully up to you.  I will never post your full name, address or city unless you specifically ask me to.
  2. YOU, as the host, do not pay a fee for me to perform a house concert.  I only ask that you make it clear to your guests that it is a DONATION based concert.
  3. YOU CAN expect to have a good time, have my sincere appreciation, and be the recipient of kudos and high-fives from your friends!

In a house concert performance, I’m able to make deep, strong connections with people through my music. The experience is personal and intimate, and that reflects directly in the listener experience. It’s incredibly inspiring for me as a performer, and it seems to be similarly inspiring for the people at my shows.

If you’d like to host a house concert, please contact me. I look forward to sharing my music with you and your guests!


VT House Concert 2015:10:14