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Sunday, April 14th, 2013 by

Tonight, I performed as a duo with my long time friend, flautist, Kymberly Jackson, the Pied Piper of the Bay. We performed a 90+ minute set consisting of jazz standards, R&B cover tunes and original compositions, including a song from my Grateful EP, “All I Need”. It was a fun night, and we had a good sized, enthusiastic, fun loving crowd!

It was yet another example of how blessed I am; how one way or another, I end up having all that I need. I usually only teach partial days when I have a gig, but today, I taught my full Saturday schedule. So, by an hour before showtime, my brain running on fumes! Thanks to the kindness of my wonderful friends, the mistakes that I made due to fatigued brain function tonight were overcome!

Thank you to my Mother for being my #1 fan, helper and running buddy!

Thank you Awele for helping in so many ways! You are awesome and saved the day! Thanks to Val too!

Amy & Brad, what would I do without y’all?? Thank you, Amy for saving me from YET another air-head based near disaster, and thanks Brad for helping mom and HANDLING the business.

KJ, thanks for having the vision for tonight’s show and making it happen! It’s always fun to share the stage with you, and tonight was no exception.

Thank you, Joyce, for hosting the show in your beautiful gallery. Thanks to everyone for your support: James, Krista, Ron E., Ron S. M., Skipper, Marc, Crystal, Ouida, Jeffrey, Val, and everyone else who came to hear us perform. Until next time…xo

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