Performing at Marcello’s

Sunday, September 6th, 2009 by

What a great night at Marcello’s! I had friends and family attend my gig tonight! My mom, aunt Debra and “aunt” Pam (she’s known me my whole life, so she’s earned the title!), my friend Nancy (we studied with the same piano and voice teacher, Mrs. Scott – God bless her!, and now her daughter studies with me) and her friends, my student Michelle and Jeff, my friend Amy (who sat in on piano and sang), Jonathan (who sang with both me and Amy), Elizabeth and George and their friends, Michael and Evie, were all present for nearly the entire night! I was in good voice, and had a great time playing and singing a variety of songs. I surprised Michael and Evie with a rendition of “Ribbon in the sky” in honor of their 30th wedding anniversary, and “Isn’t she lovely” to my mom (and aunt). They both looked as though they were holding back tears while I sang. I actually felt myself getting a little choked up, thinking about how grateful I am for their love, and the love I’m consistently given from family, friends and strangers. It’s awe inspiring and breathtaking. Wow… Thanks for coming to the show everyone!!! xoxo

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  1. amy says:

    thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and personality!

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  • amy says:

    thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and personality!