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Monday, July 20th, 2009 by

This has been a fun week of performing for and with old friends. I’ve already blogged about performing with fellow YMP alum Michael Cheadle on Wednesday night, and listening to Oberlin alum Robert Sims after that. On Friday night I performed in Danville at Marcello’s. My voice was not in great shape, and felt like I was still recovering from last week’s cold. So, I was more than pleased that so many people volunteered to sing with me on the open mic. Thanks to my friends Michael and Evie, and Ken and his friends for coming to hear me perform!

Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in because a few students cancelled (as will happen in the summer…), but even with the cancellations, I only slept about 6 hours, thanks to not sleeping well. So, again, tired. But I taught the students who did come and practiced for a few hours, which was great! I had a gig at the Oyster Reef with my friend Kymberly Jackson, and had a great time! We didn’t use a set list, and just had fun jamming on a variety of tunes. Guitarist Mark Daniels seems to know every R&B tune every written, and bassist Charleston Quinn and drummer Brian Braziel held down the bottom. Kymberly put on a great show, engaging the audience with her music and personality. We’re performing again on the 31st at Q’s in Oakland.

This morning, I accompanied my Skyline high school alum, Roosevelt Credit at Evergreen Baptist Church in Oakland. We performed pieces ranging from Dvorak and Margaret Bonds to Sandi Patti. While the piano was not in the best condition, the Pastor and congregation were very gracious and enjoyed our performance tremendously. The worship service was beautiful and I had a great time. What a pleasure to perform and spend time with all my alums this week!

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