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Friday, April 29th, 2016 by

I have a new tour job!!  Yay!!  On Wednesday, I had my first performance as the keyboardist on Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour!  The first show was in Miami, Florida.  The crowd, the dancers, the band, The Mamas, and of course Beyoncé, were all incredible!  So much energy, so much love.

I’ve been a Beyoncé fan for many years, so this is a huge thrill for me.  She is a force of nature!  I am so impressed by her talent, music, hands-on approach to bringing her artistic vision to life, relentless work ethic and obvious love and respect for her fans.   She inspires me daily to be better, stronger, fiercer…to #Slay!

PS If you haven’t seen her visual album “Lemonade”, do yourself a favor and watch it now! #Lemonade is brilliant, beautiful and bold.  I loved it!

Check out Beyoncé’s website for tour details:


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