It’s August! Summer has officially started in California 🌞

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Hello friends,

California is famous for our early summer chill: “June gloom”, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”, etc. Well, August is here! So let the heat begin…

Actually, it started getting hot a bit early this year, and we can expect it to continue until at least Halloween. Don’t forget your sun hat if you visit!

And… I just got home from the debut tour of my band EnSPirits!! We traveled from Rome to Naples, Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder), Milan to Ancona, Amsterdam to London, NYC to LA. Every moment was magical. We were so beautiful supported and cared for by our hosts and bandmates, and met hosts of beautiful, music loving, incredible humans. We even got to perform for the US Ambassador to The Netherlands, Shefali Razdan Duggal, and her guests for their July 4th celebration! (Thank you Andrew ❤️)

Independence Day at the U.S. Embassy The Hague

We were away from home for 2 months, performed our own music for incredibly attentive and boisterously appreciative audiences, and learned tons about what is takes to be a touring artist. It felt soooo good!! Although I am grateful for the work I’m done with iconic megastars, this was special. I’m hooked! Of course, if a megastar happens to call me, I’ll do my best to oblige, but I love this new focus on my own artistic vision as a composer, arranger, orchestration AND performer. AND…I get to do all of it with my beloved Dave, my partner in life, love and music. My little heart is so happy.

Here’s our ode to August: August Forever

If you’re so inspired, please feel free to use our songs in your posts, follow us, and tell your friends. You can easily add our songs to stories, reels, posts, tweets (though I suppose Elon changed what those are called… 🤷🏽‍♀️).

EnSPirits music is available everywhere:

Spotify • Apple Music • Bandcamp • YouTube • IG • TikTok

I’m still working on our EnSPirits store, where you’ll be able to get your own copy of the vinyl that Madame Ambassador is holding!

EnSPirits store

THANK YOU!!! 🤩🥳💃🏽❤️💖🎶🎹 

Blessings & Music,


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