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Yesterday, I woke up too late to attend my yoga class. Disappointed, I got up, walked and fed my dogs, who, thankfully, let me sleep in…I needed the rest. Once that task was complete, I had the option to go about my day without any exercise, but I was (and still am) feeling extreme fatigue, and exercise always helps alleviate it to some extent. Then, I remembered that I’d rescheduled (for the 2nd time) my chiropractic appointment for Monday morning. I grabbed my jacket and purse, jumped into my car and took off. Once I reached the end of my driveway, I stopped and reconsidered: isn’t this a great opportunity to get some exercise by WALKING to my appointment? Why yes!

As always, I had an overwhelming amount of paperwork, phone calls, email messages, etc., to attend to, but decided that taking the extra time to make myself feel better via a good walk was the smart choice. So, I parked my car, and off I walked! I was starting to feel like myself again. My Chiropractor, Shane Whiteley, was heavily booked yesterday morning, so I had to wait a while before my adjustment. While waiting, my dear friend Gloria, the chiropractor’s administrative assistant, directed me to a new device in their office: a Hydrotherapy Massage Table.

Basically, it’s a pseudo-waterbed that massages you with movement of the water and heat. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! That felt GRRRRRREAT! Lol I napped (one of my favorite pastimes) on the Massage Table for about 15 minutes before my adjustment, and then walked home rejuvenated. I’m so glad that I chose to walk! I need to make that choice more often. My life is too busy… in fact last night I dreamed about taking a vacation. Even in my dreams, I know that I’m overworked and fatigued! Sigh…

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