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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 by

I didn’t wake up until 2pm on Monday! The fatigue is definitely catching up with me. I got up and went for a long walk/run. I use my walks to clear my head and meditate on the beauty of nature. I walked along a beautiful river, and came upon a huge park. I ventured into the park only as far as my tree allergy would allow me. Once the sniffling started, I turned around. I couldn’t resist all that verdant beauty! : >

Once I returned to the hotel, I called Kim and she joined me for dinner at a cute restaurant near the hotel. Even though it was a Tuesday night, the restaurant (oddly named “Sticky Fingers”) was packed. The food was quite tasty and the service friendly.

I’ve got the best morning music list! I’m very much a fan of books, music and concepts that motivate me to be my best, to start out the day on the right foot, so to speak. I’m listening to “Lovely Day” right now, and that song always makes me smile. Today I didn’t get out of bed until nearly 2:30pm. I had the worst time trying to sleep. I think it’s because of the tough workout I had yesterday. I had a ton of lactic acid built up in my neck and shoulders. I should have stretched before going to bed. But despite feeling rickety and sore, I’m feeling happy! “Accentuate the positive”…Ella’s version. Gotta love it! : >

Tonight’s show in Christchurch was great! The audience was beautiful! Only 1 show left. I’m ambivalent. I want to go home, but I don’t. I miss my family, my dogs, my students, my friends, but I really love being on the road, performing for so many of Stevie’s adoring fans every night, meeting new people, seeing new places. I suppose eventually one grows tired of the road, but I am still having the time of my life!

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