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Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

Why we Americans need to open our minds to socialized health care: One of our band mates slipped and broke his ankle after the show Sunday night. He went to the hospital, was examined by an emergency room doctor, had X-rays, was put into a knee to ankle cast, given crutches and sent back to the hotel safe, sound and in the first stage of the healing process. His cost? As a foreigner working in the UK? An American citizen?

Drum roll……

ZERO $$$$!!! That’s right, Americans. He paid nothing. Had he fallen at home, the out of pocket costs would have been high, even with insurance. If he didn’t happen to have insurance, he’d have been screwed.
see this article on emergency room costs

Seriously, more Americans need to travel the world and discover where we’re tragically behind the rest of the developed world. I’m amazed…ZERO payment. SMH… Forward people..not backwards…

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