Adorable Adelaide and Marvelous Melbourne

Friday, October 17th, 2008 by

We flew to Melborne from Adelaide today. Last night’s concert was great! On Thursday, I woke up late (1pm), and went for a short walk in town.

A square in Adelaide

During my walk through Adelaide, I came across a music store and went inside to play some pianos. I spoke with a really nice guy in the store, Stephan, and ended up inviting him to the show. He was very excited and more than pleased! Later, during the Meet and Greet, he told me that all the guys in the store knew who I was! They said to him “wasn’t that Victoria?”! Amazing! Lol

Today I took a nice walk through a cute shopping district in Melbourne with Valari and Greg, meeting James and Mick at a Chinese restaurant. The food was extremely greasy, but I was so hungry I didn’t care. I’ve had gas ever since, so I’m sorry I ate it now. The internet at this hotel is ridiculously expensive. They’re charging up to $66 for only 10 hours! Amazing. I’m using the internet as little as possible.

Photos of Melbourne
Flying to Melbourne

Driving into town

Rod Laver Arena

The city

A friendly fish at the Melbourne Aquarium

Bollywood Festival

Fausto trying a Didgeridoo

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