A Day Off in Stockholm

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 by

Yesterday and today were good days! Tuesday was a tough day. Perhaps because I’m more fatigued than I realize and have a wee bit of homesickness. In any case, Thank GOD I’m over it! On Wednesday, we performed in Denmark. The audience was a bit subdued initially, but they eventually came to life. Afterwards, we drove nearly 12 hours to Stockholm. Happily, I slept well on the bus, and even managed to watch 2 movies…miraculous given how rarely I watch movies!
Upon arriving in Stockholm this morning, a group of us took a trek into Old Stockholm, a beautiful gathering of old buildings, churches, museums and a palace. We walked approximately 4 miles, across the urban center of Stockholm into the historical section of town. We took photos of several buildings and monuments before heading back across town to our hotel.

Later tonight, another group of us attended a Coldplayconcert. What a great show! I have been a Coldplay fan for years, but had never seen them in concert. It was fun, and an experience I don’t often enjoy as I’m usually the one onstage! The guys in the band all seemed to be having such a great time, and it brought to my awareness what other people tell me about our show. The thrill of hearing a massive crowd as they clap, chant and sing along to the music is highly addicting, at least for those of us born with the lack of stage fright that makes this lifestyle possible. I was inspired to spend more time writing and being creative. I don’t do enough. I need to reestablish a daily habit. Wish me luck!

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