A Day Off in Denmark

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 by

Overall it was a good day, but I’ve been feeling my first pangs of homesickness. We got to the hotel around 10am, and most of us went online immediately because it’s free here. This hotel is tiny! It’s more like a hostel than a hotel, but it’s in a cute neighborhood, right next to a shopping area. I met a few of the band guys in the lobby and we all went to get burgers (I didn’t eat of course…I’m famous for my aversion to fast or junk food) and then on a lovely walk through the local mall and shopping district. The weather was slightly chilly and rainy, but felt good while we walked at a brisk pace. Once back at the hotel, I stayed in my room, working on bills, updating my blog, catching up with email and making phone calls. In my attempt to be creative on a daily basis, I kept telling myself it was time to sit down and work on song lyrics, but found myself getting “sleepy” every time I tried, with nothing coming forth. I can’t worry about it. Just keeping up the practice will pay off…eventually!

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