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I have been told by many people that they are inspired by the way that I maintain my health.  It’s pretty simple: I’ve preferred healthy foods my entire life (I stopped eating red meat, candy, soda, fast food and junk food when I was 13 because I thought it tasted bad and never liked it), and I’m always on the move, dancing, doing yoga, walking, hiking, etc.  I even dance when I play piano (as those of you who’ve seen me with Stevie Wonder or on the Arsenio Hall Show are aware)!

Since  summer, I’ve been practicing a semi-raw vegan diet.  In the mornings, I have a raw vegan smoothie (almond milk/avocado/coconut oil base, whatever fruit I choose, flax and chia seed for protein).  I have a raw vegan soup or salad for dinner.  I have whatever I crave for lunch.  However, what I crave is generally REALLY healthy food.  Now and then I will have a turkey burger or fish or chicken (but only the highest quality).  I trust my cravings, and I figure if I crave it, I must need it.  That way, I don’t live in deprivation.  In fact, I love most of my meals.  And I feel healthier than ever!

Therefore, when one of my sisters decided to mimic me way of living in order to lose weight, I was happy to send her my recipe ideas and exercise regiment. You can follow the recipes and track my sister’s progress on these links:


Nina’s health makeover

I hope you’re all inspired to try and cook healthier and exercise more.  Honestly, I just think real, healthy food tastes better.  Yes, sometimes it’s an effort, but generally, it’s not more than I can handle.  Of course, I’m no doctor, so talk to your doctor first before trying any dietary or exercise regiments or changes.

Here’s to your health!!

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