NACA experience: CHANGE MY LOAN, Part 1

Friday, February 3rd, 2012 by

This morning I’m sitting at the Cow Palace, just south of San Francisco, waiting in a long line with several other people, hoping to have my mortgage adjusted. Like many other Americans, I’ve been affected by the terrible economy and have found myself in a loan that seems to adjust on a whim, even when interest rates haven’t changed.

I received an email message a couple of days ago telling me that NACA was holding an event in the San Francisco area. After getting another letter indicating a hike in my monthly payment, I figured “why not”? So, here I sit.

Apparently, several people actually spent the night here so that they would have a chance to be first in line. By the time I arrived, there we at least 300 people ahead of me. I’m hoping that I can secure a lower interest rate with a fixed mortgage. I’ve got hours to sit, so I guess I’ll work on lyrics for some songs! 

How’s this:

“My new mortgage rate
is so low that I can’t wait
to watch my savings grow
so I’m solvent when I get old”


“I got the mean bank blues
they take all my money
what am I to do?

Oh, I got the mean bank blues
they take all my money what am I to do?
I hope they change my payment soon
or I might just have to move”

Wish me luck!

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