My debut album “Grateful” is now available!

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Finally!  I have completed my album!  It’s been a long journey, through two of the best jobs in entertainment, and into the world of being a recording artist.  I’m am forever grateful to Stevie Wonder for seeing the music in me and taking me around the world, and to Arsenio Hall for giving me the chance to share my musical talent on television.  Thank you to both of you for believing in and encouraging me.

Thank you to all of the people who pre-ordered my debut album on PledgeMusic, and thanks to Matt Pendergast at PledgeMusic for all the advice!  I could not have done this without all of your support.  I am truly grateful.

An extra big thank you to my Executive Producer, Timothy M. Pinkston, and to my most generous supporters: John Allen – Bernardine Aslett – Vandana Bali – Bob Blum – Sophie Christophe & Lola Music Management – Maribel Gil – Lisa M. Green – Solomon Harge – Bob & Diane Hardy – Alan Higa – Vicki Hudson – Robbie Jenkins – Frank S. Kilpatrick – Joyce Kouffman – Amy Levine – Mike & Gena May – Ed & Shionda Nickerson – Nick Phillips – Sylvia Plevritis, Howard & George Weale – Debra Pulliam – William & Carla Pulliam – Jennifer, Paul & Chelsea Randall – Dan & Laura Simpson – Marcie Sims – Jeffrey, Mary & Atiana Skokan Lawrence H. Smith Jr. – Roberta Sohal – Cynthia E. Cooke St. Ange – Rowena Starling – Maren Stever – Marc Storey – Robert & Renee Swink-Frazier Ken “Afro Deesiac” Webb – Ray Young – Eric & Rosalyn Youngblood

Thank you to all of the amazing artists who graced me with their talent on this project:

Alex Al, Rob FONKSTA Bacon, Kyle Bolden, Tommie Bradford, Eddie Brown, Michael Cheadle, Mickala Cheadle, Ashling Cole, Brian Collier, Errol Cooney, René Decker, Robin DiMaggio, Uriah Duffy, Kat Dyson, Randy Emata, Zoe Ellis, Luq Frank, Leddie Garcia, Roland Gajate-Garcia, Reggie Hamilton, Sean Holt, Munyungo Jackson, Skyler Jett, Billy Johnson, Savannah Jo Lack, Troy Lampkins, Sundra Manning, Daniel Parenti, Stanley Randolph, Jaz Sawyer, Ben Tolliday, Dave Tweedie, Nate Watts, Wolf Wein, Mitchell Wilcox, Lynette Williams

Thank you to all of the people who have inspired, encouraged, coached, guided and supported me musically, professionally and personally, including Eugene Gash (RIP), Lora Toombs Scott (RIP), Bill Bell, Olly Wilson, Janice Maxie-Reid, Susan Swerdlow, Sedmara Zakarian Rutstein, George Barth, Peter Horvath, Randy Emata, Raz Kennedy, Ken Stacey, Monét Owens, David Tweedie, Nina Purdy, Amy Levine, Sundra Manning, Brad Falconer, Alexxe V, my many friends, and my big, beautiful family, Dad, Lita, Shionda, Bree, Caleb, Mimi, JP, and others, too numerous to mention.  I love you all with my whole heart, unabashedly, forever.

Grateful – Music Personnel

Victoria Theodore: all production, arrangements, piano, vocals.  Randy Emata: all production, editing, mixing. Stephen Marsh: mastering

Night Owls  Daniel Parenti: acoustic bass; Kat Dyson: guitar*; Brian Collier: drums*; Jaz Sawyer: percussion

All I Need  Lynette Williams: organ*; Nate Watts: bass*; Kyle Bolden: guitar+; Tommie Bradford: drums

Paris Rain  Luq Frank: BG vocals; Reggie Hamilton: acoustic bass*; Kyle Bolden: guitar*; Stanley Randolph: drums*; Savannah Jo Lack: violins*; Ben Tolliday: cello*; String arrangement by Savannah Lo Jack

Before Bradley Falconer: BG vocals˘; Uriah Duffy: bass+; Tommie Bradford: drums

Worlds Apart Daniel Parenti: acoustic bass; Mitchell Wilcox: drums; Roland Gajate-Garcia: percussion+; Savannah Jo Lack: violins+; Ben Tolliday: cello+

Beautiful Luq Frank: vocals; Sundra Manning: organDaniel Parenti: bass; Rob FONKSTA Bacon: guitar*; Billy Johnson: drums

Blue Victoria Theodore: keys+; Troy Lampkins: bass˘; Tommie Bradford: drums; Leddie Garcia: percussion*; René Decker: saxophone+

The Way You Want Victoria Theodore: rhodes*; Daniel Parenti: bassBilly Johnson: drums; Munyungo Jackson: percussion+

Reveal Victoria Theodore: rhodes*; Randy Emata: pads*; Daniel Parenti: bass; Kyle Bolden: guitar*; Robin DiMaggio: drums±; BG chorus: Ashling Cole, Mickala Cheadle, Zoe Ellis, Michael Cheadle, Skyler Jett, Luq Frank

Human Sean Holt: BG vocals, sax*; Alex Al: bass~; Rob FONKSTA Bacon: guitar*; Robin DiMaggio: drums±; Vocal arrangement by Victoria Theodore & Sean Holt; produced by Randy Emata

Being Victoria Theodore: rhodes*; Sean Holt: sax*; Alex Al: bass~; Errol Cooney: guitar+; Robin DiMaggio: drums±

Grateful Monét Owens: BG vocals*; Daniel Parenti: acoustic bass; Kyle Bolden: guitar+; Tommie Bradford: drums; Leddie Garcia: percussion*; Jeanne Geiger: trombone˘; Jara Ra: trumpet˘; René Decker: saxophone+

I’m Your Angel Eddie Brown: organ*; Wolf Wein: bass+; Munyungo Jackson: percussion+; Savannah Jo Lack: violins+

Human (Unplugged) Victoria Theodore, voice & piano

Songs recorded at

*Randy’s Cave, North Hollywood, Engineer: Randy Emata

SpiceMix Studios, SF, Engineer: Peter Jensen

˘R00K Studio, Oakland, Engineer: Bradley Falconer

~Tweedie Tones, North Hollywood, Engineer: David Tweedie

±Séance Room, Van Nuys, Engineer: Brett Cookingham

or in musician’s +private studios, October 2013 – October 2014


All songs mixed by Randy Emata

Randy’s Studio January – May 2015

Album mastered by Stephen Marsh

Marsh Mastering – May 2015


Art Design by Rich & Hated Grafixxx @RichHatedGrafix

Photography by Jay Julio

Make Up: Cool Benson @beatbycool

Hair: Roma Goddard @Romabliss

Fashion Stylist: Monica Cargile @monicaCARGILE

Gown by Kevan Hall @KevanHallDesign

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