Mastering Session

Monday, November 19th, 2012 by

Today is the mastering session at Screaming Lizard Audio! Wow! It’s almost done! As I write this, Judy Kirschner is hard at work shaping the overall sound of my EP. She ran the session in this order: Blue, I’m Your Angel, All I Need, Grateful, Before, World’s Apart. The difference between the original mix that Brad and I created and this mix by Wolf and mastering by Judy is amazing!

I was fortunate to have my team, Brad (R00K) and Wolf (Wolf Track Audio), accompany me to the session, asking questions of both Judy and her husband/ business partner Andre Zweers. Embarrassed, my lack of engineering skill was in evident, and all of my recording errors were impediments to the mixing process, and led to many hours of correction by myself and Wolf. Oops! Live and learn. That’s the downside of a home grown project with a tiny budget. But given the reality of my doing all of the arrangements on my own, most of the playing, finding and hiring musicians, working with my co-producer Brad and mixing engineer Wolf to record, produce, mix and oversee the entire project, I’m very proud of the end result.  I am truly, in a word, Grateful!

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