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Friday, October 21st, 2022 by

Dear Friends,

I am writing with a quick update on MARIAN as we prep for our November reading in NYC.

We just finished callbacks with amazing, seasoned Broadway actors!  I’m still reeling from the staggering amount of brilliant talent that stood before us, and am SUPER excited about our All-Star cast!

On November 18 & 19, we will have a reading at the Marian Anderson Theater in Harlem. That’s right! We booked Marian’s namesake theater! The stuff of dreams…

Among the invitees are regional theaters from across the country who are specifically looking to incubate new works. These theaters have development budgets that could cover a significant portion of our next steps: A 2-week workshop and our first production!!

Many of you have asked “when can I see it on Broadway?”  Not quite yet… Traditionally, a Broadway musical takes 10 years to develop. We are in year 6 – so we’re right on track.

Here’s our hope for MARIAN:

  1. November 2022 Reading in NYC
  2. 2023 Workshop at Regional Theater
  3. 2023/2024 – 1st Developmental Production (possibly two)
  4. Open in NYC at the Marian Anderson Theater to rave reviews
  5. Move to Broadway

We can’t wait to share this beautiful, timely musical with the world. Partnering with a regional theater will give us an audience, marketing experts, and dramaturgical personnel and funding. Many regional theaters are deciding now what to include in their 2023/2024 seasons, so the timing of this November reading is critical to Marian moving forward.

Alas, that said, we still need to raise an additional $10K by November 1 in order to fund this reading.

Would you help us make this reading happen?

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Make a tax-deductible donation of to MARIAN through our non-profit, Liquid Theatre Collective. 
  2. If you are connected to a regional theater and can make an introduction for MARIAN, we’d be so grateful. Let’s get the word out!
  3. Some of you have expressed an interest in becoming an investor in MARIAN. If you are an accredited investor, and would like more information about investing in MARIAN, please let me know and I can connect you to the right people.

Patron family, thank you again for your beautiful generosity and encouragement as my team and I make our MARIAN musical. Your kindness is an endless source of inspiration and brightens my creative path.

Please envision and pray that we find the right financial partners at the right time and that in everything we do, we honor Marian Anderson’s incredible legacy of courage and love.

Thank you, truly ❤️

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