Healdsburg Jazz Presents: Convergence

Saturday, March 13th, 2021 by

Hello friends, I have a concert coming up on March 31 and another new video. Be sure to follow me on YouTube and join my Patreon Patron team!


A Fictitious Meeting Of Mary Lou Williams & Nina Simone In A Paris Lobby Featuring Pianists Victoria Theodore & Tammy L. Hall Plus Bassist Ruth Davies, Drummer Sylvia Cuenca, And Narration By Ryan Nicole Austin Sunday, March 31, 2021, 7 PM (PT)

Concert Tickets start at $10

A few months ago, my friend Tammy L. Hall, an extraordinary pianist and educator, invited me to participate in her “Convergence” project. I immediately said yes, not only because the subject matter (examining an imaginary meeting between two of the greatest artists in history, Mary Lou Williams and Nina Simone) but also because Tammy is such a wonderful musician and human being that yes was the only answer! I so excited for you to see what we created.

I’m so grateful to have joined this team of beautiful people creating art, including Healdsburg Jazz Artistic Director, Marcus Shelby (who recently voiced the character of Ray Gardner, the father of the lead character, Joe, in the Pixar hit film “Soul“), Opus Studio in Berkeley, NorthStarr Media Group, director Kevin Johnson, bassist Ruth Davies, drummer Sylvia Cuenca, and Grammy nominated, NAMT award winning spoken word artist Ryan Nicole Austin.

Convergence Tickets

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