Happy Thanksgiving

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Hello friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoyed a most beautiful holiday.  My holiday had some challenges, but overall left me in a state of gratitude.  Therefore, it was a blessing!
It’s been a while since I’ve sent a message or written a blog.  I’ve been quite busy and have experienced a few major life changes/challenges (personal and business), but I’m adjusting well to my new job, new city and new life.
For those who don’t know (I’m sure a few of you exist), I started performing nightly on the Arsenio Hall Show as part of the Posse 2.0, beginning September 9, 2013.  In order to take the new job, I had to move to Los Angeles.  At first I was living with friends, and I’ve just recently moved into my own apartment, relatively close to work.  So close, that I don’t have a commute!!  A simple miracle in Los Angeles!
I love the job, and the opportunity for further musical growth that it affords me.  I’ve been practicing, composing and singing more than ever, and having a great time!  Arsenio Hall is such an awesome person, as are all of the guys in the Posse 2.0 band (Music Director, Robin DiMaggio, Bassist Alex Al, Guitarist Rob “Fonksta” Bacon, Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer Sean Holt).  They all treat me with the utmost respect, and have created a very friendly, safe, close-knit environment.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  Please keep watching the show!  And tell your friends!  I want to keep my job for as long as possible!

Of course, I do miss touring with Stevie (and all of my friends from his band), but after all of the amazing experiences I’ve had around the world playing the music of and sharing the stage with one of the greatest musical minds of all time, I can only smile and be grateful for every minute.  I will be grateful to Stevie Wonder for the rest of my life.  Truly.
As for composing, last year, I received an email message from Dr. Lynne Morrow, the Music Director of the Pacific Mozart Ensemble, seeking new arrangements of Spirituals for the group’s tour of Cuba.  I immediately began arranging, but didn’t finish in time for their trip.  When I eventually finished the arrangement (of the Spiritual “Over My Head“), I emailed it to Dr. Morrow, and she selected it for their 2013 Winter Concerts!  My first choral arrangement (since high school) will receive it’s debut performance on the following dates:
Friday, December 13,  2013
First Unitarian Universalist Church
1187 Franklin Street
San Francisco
Buy Tickets
Saturday, December 14, 2013
St. John’s Presbyterian Church
2727 College Ave. Berkeley
Buy Tickets
I hope you can make it to at least one of the concerts.  I’ll be attending the show on December 14.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Blessings & Music,


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