Grateful – revealed!

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 by

It was a clear, cold night, the stars shining brightly overhead, Oakland buzzing with the energy of a throng of art / music / culture / hipster enthusiasts roaming the streets in search of inspiration, excitement, intellectual challenge, discovery and fun.  On the corner of 18th and San Pablo, a piano store sat, lit with soft gold tones, inviting people to come hear the music.  My music!

And what a night it was!!  The event was sold out!  Filled to capacity and then some.  I am so utterly humbled and grateful for all of the people who shared their love and support with me at my EP release concert.  Given everything taking place in the neighborhood, easy parking was nearly impossible, yet people still came and supported my work.  The energy of the crowd was beautiful, and I offered my heart through my music in gratitude.

Special thanks to the people who helped me in this journey, and to those who I saw and spoke to at the event, including my sweetheart, both of my parents, my sister and her kids, my other siblings, most of my extended family members on both sides of the family, my students, mentors, friends, neighbors, and fans.  You all made last night one of the most memorable in my life.  I am GRATEFUL.

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