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Sunday, April 5th, 2009 by

This weekend, I had a couple of fun performances. On Friday, my friend Fred Ross, needed a keyboard sub on his gig at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, and by a miracle I was actually available. So, I headed over to the city, wary of parking and loading restrictions, lugging along my keyboard and sound equipment. Of course, as is usually the case, I got an excellent parking space, and one of the maintenance employees of the Sir Frances Drake hotel, happened to be outside and assisted me in unloading and transporting my equipment to the elevator…AND he refused to allow me to tip him! The night was off to a good start, indeed! Once set up, with my keyboard at an angle to the piano, the other instrumentalists (Bill Hampton, guitar; Deszon Claiborne, drums; and Joe Thomas, bass), played an instrumental set, mostly of songs that I didn’t know…but that never matters! My ear is good enough that I can literally “catch” any song. Besides, it’s fun to be spontaneous when playing (I definitely learned to appreciate spontaneity from playing with Stevie…the band NEVER knows where he’s going! Lol). Fred decided to take advantage of my knowledge of the Wonder catalog, so we did several of Stevie’s songs. I sang 2 songs “Come Back as a Flower” (from “The Secret Life of Plants”), and “American Boy”. I had a great time, and the crowd was enthusiastic.

Thanks to Kevin, for coming to the Starlight Room, and to Anthony, Leslie, Taylor, and Jim and his friend, for coming to hear me at Marcello’s Restaurant in Danville, CA. Last night was my first appearance at Marcello’s and I had a great time!

So, it’s now Sunday, and I actually only have plans to hang out with my (adult) sisters! My second youngest sister, Shionda, had a birthday last month, and I haven’t seen her yet to celebrate. My sister Nina is driving up to spend the day with us. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m looking forward to some quality down time with my sisters. Baby sis isn’t coming, but she’s still a bit young to participate in an official Girl’s Day Out! Happy Sunday everyone!!

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