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Ok, I like to consider myself a rather athletic, sure-footed type of person. Well, today in the gym, I had a wee bit of an accident. I finished a brief workout, and, as is my habit, I wanted to end the workout with a handstand. However, there was no clear wall for me to kick up next to. I can do a freestanding handstand, but I have a psychological fear of falling over, so I prefer to kick up next to a wall…just in case! So, there was this marble pillar in the gym, and I thought “hm, I can kick up against that pillar and I’ll be fine”. So, upside down I went! However, I started feeling a little wobbly, and reached to place my toe on the pillar to support my balance. However, this marble pillar was really slick and my toe just slid right off of it, and over I went…feet first, upside down into a backbend. Bam! I’m used to coming out of head and hand stands gently, so I didn’t fall as hard as I could have, but it was certainly more abrupt than I would have preferred, given that it was completely unplanned! I stayed in the backbend for only about 2 seconds, and lowered myself to the ground in a bit of shock. I didn’t have any pain at the time, and actually was impressed with the fact that I can perform a handstand and lower into a backbend. However, now, 15 hours later, I’m feeling quite sore. I bruised and scraped my elbow (which is now slightly swollen) and my forearms and trapezius muscles are aching.

Anyway, undaunted, I immediately got up from the floor, found a small sliver of wall to kick up against. Just like fall off of a horse or bicycle, I did another handstand to be sure I don’t lose my love of that particular exercise. And I’ll do it again tomorrow….just not the fall! I think I’ll start training to do a graceful INTENTIONAL backwards walk over. I’ve always wanted to learn to do one, and now I see that I’m not that far from my goal!

As for music, we had rehearsal today with Stevie. It was fun, the usual musical journey that has virtually nothing to do with what we’ll perform on Saturday. Oh well! We’re all used to it, and love it and him anyway! ; >

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