Magic Mike Live

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 by

Several weeks ago, I had the chance to go see Magic Mike Live. Back in February and March 2017, Dave and I worked with a few of the guys to help them with some musical elements of the show, and we played on the recordings. We hadn’t seen anything since the rehearsals and were excited to see our students in action! Ok…maybe I was a tiny bit more excited than Dave…but only in a pedagogical sense, of course…wink…

The show is FANTASTIC! It’s entertaining, sexy, funny, and engaging and never drifts over into sleaziness. The performers are all incredibly talented and charming, and demonstrate a wide range of high level dance, athletic and musical ability. And of course, there is the careful removal of specific articles of their clothing. Trust me…you will leave the show feeling very happy.

Congratulations to the whole creative team, Channing Tatum, the music team (especially Jack Rayner, Rod Castro and Dave Tweedie). Extra congratulations and kudos to the performers – particularly Jeremy Denzel, David Terry and Ryan Pires! I’m proud of you guys!!

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