Count down to 9/9/13!

Monday, September 2nd, 2013 by
I have no idea how people manage this.  In my mind, I’d like to think I’m able to practice 5-6 hours per day, compose/arrange/produce my music 2-3 hours per day, practice yoga for 90 minutes, check email, write poetry and my blog, pay bills, catch up with friends (both real and virtual), play with my dogs, go to parties, go to concerts, watch my favorite TV show (SYTYCD for those who don’t already know), go hiking, grow a garden, be a great home chef, creating amazing healthy meals, take dance classes, study 6 different languages at once (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin), include weight lifting in my daily workout (to help stave off the effects of aging, bone loss and osteoporosis), meditate and eat healthy (to keep me looking super youthful and healthy), go to the movies, read books, attend the theater, opera, symphony, maintain a romantic relationship, be a good girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, friend, mentor, etc., etc., etc.  Ok, am I crazy?

I know intellectually that it’s just NOT POSSIBLE to keep going like I have the past several years.  But in my heart, I want to do it ALL!! I genuinely care about people, I want to go to their shows, and read their blogs, and cheer them on in their personal and business pursuits, offering inspiration and an example of hard work and dedication.  But…um…I’ve finally starting to realize that I can’t do it all. Amazingly, I feel a little guilty about it.  That’s the perfectionist in me, the junior high school girl who wants everyone to like her (yes, junior high was tough for me too – glasses, acne, skinny little body, shy, but the piano saved me…).  Will people suddenly not “like” me if I stop responding to messages, and comments, don’t log in, don’t follow, and give myself the time and space that I need to do what I must do?  Can I disappoint people? Can I release the guilt and know that people support and love me regardless?

Ok, I’m rambling.  Yet another time suck…lol

Last week was intense.  Arsenio had 3 test shows with guests and live bands.  It was just like the real thing.  I won’t reveal any details, of course, but it was really exciting!  Next Monday is premiere day!  September 9, 2013!! I have no idea what’s in store, so don’t ask me!  If you wanna know, you gotta tune in to the show!  Tell your friends, family, colleagues!  I hope that you’re all on board to help make Arsenio’s return a television phenomenon!

I’ve been practicing 6-7 hours per day in the past week. I’m listening to lots of Prince, Rick James, Sly Stone and Chaka Khan, as well as masterful pianists such as George Duke (RIP), Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder and Patrice Rushen.  I’m listening to current music too, of course. I’m having so much fun, and am filling my brain with all kinds of musical inspiration.

I’m also ready to start getting my CD back on track.  I went to a friend’s BBQ with my BF, and met a new friend who inspired me to stop making excuses and get it done!  I know I’ve been promising my CD for a while now, and I got caught up AGAIN in my ridiculous perfectionism.  I have to get this CD out!  I have to stop being my biggest obstacle.

On that note, back to work for me.  I know I haven’t closed my personal Facebook page yet (I don’t want to spend the time to figure it out), but know that I appreciate all of the love from everyone.  I can’t comment like I used to anymore, but I appreciate you all just the same.  Let’s all make the world a better place!  Yay!!!

Carpe diem, my friends.  The clock is ticking….

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