Back in Birmingham

Saturday, October 4th, 2008 by

I didn’t get out of the bed until nearly 1pm today! I suppose I was more than a little exhausted. I didn’t eat breakfast, I didn’t work out, I didn’t go for a walk. Oh well! Sometime a woman just has to sleep! I’d wanted to walk to the venue, but it was cold and rainy, and I was in no mood for cold weather. Besides, the venue itself was very cold, so I’m glad that I didn’t expose myself to the elements. Tonight’s Birmingham show went well, with Stevie thanking everyone involved in the European tour, and inviting all of us band members to the front of the stage to give a group thank you to Europe.

After the show, we boarded the busses for the drive to London. As usual, I fell asleep (I just can’t stay awake while riding in a bus or airplane) and woke up just as we arrived at the hotel. We all cleared our belongings off of the bus, as we wouldn’t be using the busses again. I noticed a man’s blazer and after confirming that it didn’t belong to the bus driver, I took it with me. I figured out the owner of the blazer, called and reported that I was bringing it to his room, simply out of courtesy. As I approached the elevator, I didn’t notice the huge wad of gum that was sitting right at the entrance, and SPLAT!, my right shoe was afflicted with gum residue.

Not too pleased, but too sleepy to be indignant, I instantly forgot the room number I was heading to, removed my right shoe and returned to the front desk to refresh my memory. The extremely gracious night manager noticed that I was holding rather than wearing my right shoe, and after reminding me of my colleague’s correct room number, insisted upon taking care of my shoe, and offered me whichever amenities I’d prefer as a compensation for my trouble. Of course, since I don’t drink alcohol, I requested a fruit plate, and then had an epiphany: I should request complimentary internet service! The standard English rate for internet service is equivalent to approximately $35 per day, and that’s just not a price I can pay without my stomach turning! After all, I pay $15 per MONTH at home! My request was granted, and I stayed up far too late taking advantage of it, but oh, how I do appreciate free internet!

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