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On Saturday night, we performed at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, where we had guest artist Q-Tip perform with us on “Partime Lovers” and “Do I Do”. That was fun!

After the show at the Taj Mahal on Saturday, we drove to Boston, and stayed in a beautiful hotel in the North End. The show was held at the Tweeter Center for Performing Arts. Well, I know why it’s called the “Tweeter”! It’s in honor of the little birdies who sit in the breezy ceiling and POOP on the people below!

During sound check, we were all standing in our respective stations, and suddenly I noticed a distinct splash from above. “Ewwwww!! What was that?”, I thought to myself. Well, lo and behold a precious avian friend had relieved itself from above, and it splashed all over my keyboards! Thank GOD I was standing enough to the right that I didn’t get hit (can you imagine? I would have been utterly mortified…I’d have had to wash and restyle my hair, and that’s no small task with my full, long mane)!

The woman in charge of wildlife for the facility was shocked that the birds hadn’t all flown away once we started making noise, as is apparently the norm. I took it as a good omen (especially since I was personally spared), and once everything had been cleaned and sanitized, we went ahead and had a great show. Tweet, tweet…

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