2nd Concert at the Ahoy in Rotterdam

Monday, September 15th, 2008 by

If you ever see me drinking green tea or other beverage with a small amount of caffeine after 5pm, please remind me that I’m far too sensitive to caffeine to tolerate it in the evening! Now, granted I was hyped after our group discussion and love fest, but after having fallen asleep at 4am, there’s no reason I should have been wide awake at 7:45am! I tried to fall back to sleep, and when I couldn’t, I did an hour or so of meditation before getting up and heading the gym for a tough work out. I had lunch plans with Persephone at noon, so I was hoping to finish my workout, take advantage of the continental breakfast, take a nap and head out. I managed to do all of that, but the nap was only 30 minutes long. At lunch, I decided to drink more green tea, projecting that I’d get a second wind sometime around showtime. I was correct! Just before the show, I was feeling fatigued and sleepy, but after about the 6th song, my energy went through the roof and I was fine through the rest of the show. In fact, I was able to stay up and watch a movie on the bus as we drove to Denmark. Once the movie was over, so was I! I went right to sleep and, for the most part, slept until we arrived in Aalborg.

Being nerdy backstage:

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