To the beach!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 by

Yesterday morning, my friend Berni picked me up and took Greg and me on a trip to Cottesloe Beach and King’s Park. Berni brought along Kerri (I’d met both of them in Los Angeles when they were on vacation) and her daughter Jennifer. We drove to Cottesloe Beach and I had the chance to put my toes in the Indian Ocean!

The water was very cold, and I had no intention of allowing the water to go above my knees, but the weather was warm, the sky clear, and the breeze gentle. It couldn’t have been better! We sat and had drinks at a small café overlooking the beach (I had a delicious blend of apple and ginger juices).

We then drove to King’s Park, where I took in the glorious scents of the Botanical Garden.

I’ve been suffering from mild to moderate allergy symptoms (I’m allergic to trees and grass), but decided that the view of the meeting of the Swan and Canning rivers and the beauty of the wildflowers was worth a few (if intense) sneezes and sniffles. I found this tree to be particularly beautiful:

I took a nap when I returned to the hotel (I love the fact that I nap so easily), and left for the venue to do sound check.

The show at the Burswood Dome went well, though many people said the sound in the venue is terrible. I wear in-ear monitors, so it’s difficult for me to get an idea of what people hear in the audience. After the show, my friends took me to dinner in Perth’s China town. It was a lovely day!

Today, we flew to Adelaide. With the flight and the time change, we basically lost the entire day. A few of us ventured down a restaurant district into a local Thai restaurant for dinner, and then we directly to sleep!

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