Perth, Jakarta and Cancun: Part 1

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 by

I’ve been around the globe again with Steveland over the past couple of weeks.  As usual with one-off concerts, there wasn’t much time for sight-seeing or relaxing, but I took full opportunity to see what I could.

The flights to Australia were brutal on everyone: multiple stops, long layovers and endless time zone changes.  By the time I went to bed in Western Australia, 48 hours had elapsed since leaving my house.  Literally.  But I say that with the caveat that I do have the best job on the planet, so a little fatigue is no reason for whining or complaining!

Stevie was booked to perform at the Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley / Margaret River area of Western Australia. Once we landed in Perth, we were ferried via bus for 3 hours to a private resort where we were assigned to houses in 3s.  My housemates were LaNesha and Judith.  We each had our own bathrooms and the house was large enough to allow each of us to maintain our privacy.  The house was decked out with a modern kitchen, a hip living and dining area and lovely patio and backyard.  I wanted to stay there for a month and work on music!  All of us were longing for that dream…ah…

Yeah, I could call that home, at least for a while!

We arrived too late in the evening to do anything besides eat and star gaze, but the next morning, we all boarded a bus to take a quick tour of the Margaret River region, Yallingup Beach (Indian Ocean) and a petting zoo. The ocean (Yallingup Bay) is gorgeous!

At the petting zoo, we were greeted by a sweet pair of dogs, and led through a menagerie of animals, most of which were very cute.

Ok, these hogs were not cute!  I’d never been this close to a hog and not only do they smell terrible, they’re far bigger than I could have ever imagined!  A pet pig?  Not for me…

The venue at Sandalford Winery.

The show went very well, the audience was enthusiastic, but I barely remember anything because my brain still hadn’t caught up to my body!  Jet lag is crazy…

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