Online Hiatus: Week 5

Monday, February 14th, 2011 by

I never get sick. No, really. I sometime flirt with “under the weather” or “fatigue” or “moody”, but even those are pretty rare. But sick? Nope. Not me. But this time, the virus was sneaky and even overcame my secret anti-illness potion (H2O2). So, I spent the entire weekend in bed, plotting my return to the world of healthfulness from beneath several layers of blankets.

From my bed, I imagined myself focusing on practicing, composing, arranging and performing with the aim of finishing my first CD project (or digital download…not sure how to refer to it). My goal is to make a definitive musical statement that reflects the diversity of my training and musical experience, bridging the gap between accessible and esoteric. I’m excited about it, and am ready to get going again. As..cough…soon as …cough cough…I can stop….cough…cough…stop ..cough cough…coughing and stay out …cough cough…of bed long enough…cough cough… to get back to w…cough cough cough cough…work…cough cough cough COUGH!!! You get the picture….sigh….

Have a beautifully healthy week, lovelies! May this Valentine’s Day be the most beautiful and loving you’ve ever experienced. Don’t restrict your proclamations of love to only the romantic type. Tell everyone you love these three word: I LOVE YOU!!!

See you next week!

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