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This afternoon, I flew back home in order to prepare for the tour. Tonight I witnessed history in the making. It was a tough day (my sister received some bad personal news, my father was in a car collision severe enough to trigger the air bags, and I had a horrible headache all day), but it ended on the high notes of learning my dad will be ok, and on Obama’s awesome speech.

I had intended to attend two fabulous parties this evening, but decided instead to take it easy and watch Barack Obama accept the nomination of the Democratic Party. Several members of my family gathered at my uncle’s home to watch. Obama’s speech was the most inspiring speech of my political life. I’ve seen presidents speak many times. I recall having watched Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, both Bush presidents, and never have I been as moved or motivated to be an advocate for a candidate as I am for Barack Obama.

Obama for President of the United States of America!

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