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Victoria Theodore’s PledgeMusic Campaign

Hello friends! Welcome to my new website!! I’m really excited to announce that my Debut Album, entitled “Grateful” is in production right now! I’ve got some of the best musicians in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and the world on my project, and am honored and excited to feature them on my music.

I’m working with PledgeMusic to raise funds to help me complete the recording of the album, create a music video, market and distribute the album. As an independent artist, PledgeMusic is giving me the opportunity to have YOU (my amazingly supportive fans, peers, mentors, friends and cheerleaders) support my music by directly pre-ordering my Debut Album. This is a thrilling and empowering step in my musical journey. With your help, my Debut Album will finally happen!

Please join my PledgeMusic campaign and help me bring my Debut Album to life. “Grateful” is a beautiful 12-song collection of original songs, some of which you might have heard on my 2012 EP, ranging from pop to jazz to R&B, with hints of classical and lots of heart. I know you’ll love and appreciate the new recordings.

With my PledgeMusic Campaign, I’m offering several exclusive items, videos and updates about the project that you will receive for joining in, including the album pre-order and behind the scenes footage of my recording sessions. Click the link below for more details!

Victoria Theodore’s PledgeMusic Campaign

My PledgeMusic Campaign started on July 7 and will end on DATE??, so be sure to peruse the exclusive items available for purchase, and make a pledge as soon as possible. To help me gain momentum, if you can pledge within these fist few days, I would be extraordinarily grateful! Thank you for whatever you’re able to pledge. I’m sure you’ll love the music!! : >

Please spread the word about my campaign! I am truly grateful…

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