Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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I wish you a happy Holiday Season, a very Merry and spectacularly amazing New Year!  May 2014 bring you and yours joy, peace, health and abundance.

2013 Recap

2013 has been an incredible year!  Many triumphs, some heartaches, but overall it was a good year:

  • January:
    • I performed at 2 Presidential Inauguration events with Stevie Wonder!
  • February:
    • I performed at a Super Bowl pre-game event with Stevie Wonder!  And then I went to the Super Bowl and watched the home team (49ers) nearly win!
    • Black History Month performance on KQED, starting at 36:43
    • I lost my beloved Grandmother Betty.  Rest in Peace, beautiful lady…
  • April
  • May
    • I auditioned for and was hired to play keys for Posse 2.0 on the Arsenio Hall Show! The toughest secret I’ve ever had to keep…
    • I performed at the Hangout Festival with Stevie Wonder
  • July
    • I performed in Quebec with Stevie Wonder, and finally revealed my new job, with Stevie’s blessing!
    • Yoshi’s Concert of my original compositions!
    • Farewell party and jam session
  • August
    • Relocated to Los Angeles, to a friend’s home
    • Started rehearsals with Posse 2.0
    • My last performance as a regular member of Stevie Wonder’s band…a very emotional day for me…
  • September
    • 9/9/13 History in the making!  Arsenio Hall is back, and #backisbeautiful!
    • Posse 2.0 performs for the UN in New York!
  • October
    • Began working on my CD project at Spicemix!
  • November
  • December
    • Pacific Mozart Ensemble debuted my arrangement of the Negro Spiritual “Over My Head“!
    • Watched my first Stevie Wonder concert as a fan.  Nostalgic at first, but that quickly transformed into EUPHORIA! #bestconcertever
    • The Arsenio Hall Show completed it’s first 13 week segment!  Ratings are up, everyone is getting in their groove, and we’re ready to take on 2014!  Please keep watching and tell everyone you know to watch too!

What an amazing year!  I’m humbled and honored to be living the life that I do.  I take none of it for granted, but wake up every morning with gratitude and determination to share the gifts I’ve been given.

I am specifically grateful to:

  • Stevie Wonder, for believing in me and choosing me to be part of his team for 6 amazing years.  I am eternally grateful, and hope that I continue to make you proud in all that I do.  I love you forever…
  • Arsenio Hall, for inviting me to be part of his team in his triumphant return to television.  Thank you for giving me the best job on television and for being such a wonderful person and fantastic leader!
  • Robin DiMaggio, Rob Bacon, Alex Al, Sean Holt, AKA Posse 2.0, for adopting me as their “little sister”, and making me proud every time we hit the stage.  It’s an honor to perform with each one of you.  You are THE BEST!
  • Everyone in Stevie Wonder’s organization (band, staff, crew), and at the Arsenio Hall Show (staff, administration, crew) for creating the best work environment possible.  I cherish you all!

And I thank YOU for the love, support, encouragement and friendship that you’ve shared with me this year.  Let’s all make 2014 the best year yet!  Carpe diem

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