Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 9th, 2021 by

It’s only 8 days old, and 2021 is already …. PHEW!!! But I’m staying optimistic (despite all the memes about 2021 being 2020 in a bad wig…). I’m optimistic for several reasons:

• I started the year off by learning that my song, Human, used in a PSA ad for the Black Male Voter Project (a non-partisan group advocating for greater enfranchisement for Black Men), had been viewed/heard over 600,000 times! PSA Ad

• I’m featured in ShoutOut LA’s Local Stories section• I’m continuing to work on the Marian Anderson Musical

• At some point this year, a movie will be released that includes me as a cast member! More about that when I’m allowed to talk about it…

• My band, EnSPirits, will finally release some music.

• I used last year’s time in isolation to up the ante on my self-care and creative output. When the world opens up again, I want to be ready!

I hope that wherever 2021 is starting for you, that each day brings more and more joy, hope and optimism. Let’s make this our best year yet!

Love, Blessings & Music,Victoria

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