Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2021 by

Hello friends,

We did it. We got through 2020. But so many didn’t. Too many. So much loss, so many lives affected, at home and internationally. It’s tough to process.Though all of my students went away, all of my gigs for in-person audiences went away, my tour was cancelled and my high paying private events were cancelled, I feel VERY blessed to have had enough work to sustain me. From doing a daily livestream performance with my band, EnSPirits, to working on the Marian Anderson musical, arranging the National Anthem with Derek Dixie for the NFL opener, working as Music Director for Playbill’s Women In Theater (sadly, no longer available online) to being cast in a movie (which required me to isolate in Brooklyn for a few weeks….more on that when I’m allowed to crow about it), it was a great year for my career. I’ve told everyone how it feels like a miracle that I was able to actually thrive. I don’t take it lightly or for granted.

In 2020, I resumed my twice daily meditation practice, made a concerted effort to connect more often with loved ones, spent more time being creative, reflective and introspective. Those activities were my silver lining. Being able to ride out the isolation with my best friend, Dave, was a blessing.

I hope that 2021 brings some measure of peace to those who lost loved ones, opportunity to those who were devastated economically, hope to those who felt lost and continued growth to those who used the time for bettering themselves.

I wish you a Happy New Year. May 2021 bring you health, wealth, peace, love, joy and MUSIC.

I love you 💙❤️💚💜Blessings & Music,Victoria

PS Here’s a link to a video that the Black Male Voter Project released, using my song “Human”. I hope you find it as beautiful as I did, and consider donating and supporting this organization. They’re doing wonderful work.

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