Happy New Year!!!! ❤🙏🏽🎊🎉🎈💫🍾💃🏽🎹🎆 2017!!

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Happy New Year from Los Angeles!!

2016 was an incredible year for me.  I’m so grateful to Beyoncé for choosing me as her keyboardist, and taking me around the world.  I’m grateful to my sweetheart for being so supportive and cheering me on for the 7 months I was away from home.  I’m grateful to my friends and family, my students, fans and mentors for their prayers and loving support.  I’m grateful for the impulse to always strive to become the best version of myself possible.  I’m grateful for the time and ability to study, and take courses for optimizing and enhancing that which I’ve been blessed with.  I’m grateful for continued health and hope, love and peace, and God’s grace.

2016.  I do not recall a year in my lifetime with so many cultural icons leaving this plane.  You know who they were.  You can imagine which struck my heart the deepest.  I thank them all for the gifts that they shared with us.  Our lives were made better by their having lived.  Rest in Peace.

I’ve got a short list of 2017 Resolutions, including: create a new album of original music, develop my creative ideas, musical and otherwise, among other things.  In that effort, it’s once again time for a social media break.  Going into the shed.  Giving my mind the space it needs to dream, craft and create.

In this new year, I hope to be a model of compassion, kindness, joy, acceptance, charity, abundance, purpose, grace, love and light in this world.  Let’s all make 2017 be our best year yet!

New Year’s Video

Happy New Year!!!!

Love, Blessings & Music,


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