Garlic, anyone?

Monday, July 27th, 2009 by

Last night, my sister, niece and nephew came to my gig at Marcello’s. The kids behaved wonderfully. Jeremiah was charming and energetic the whole night. I’m always amazed by his energy. He seemed to enjoy my performance, made 2 requests and even sang a song with me! Naomi slept the whole time, until finally at the end of the night, I dedicated a song to her. She drowsily responded to her brother’s prodding and listened, bleary eyed to the song. After which, she fell right back to sleep.

Today I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival with my niece and nephew and my friend Amy . There was supposed to be a large group of us, however, things happen and it just ended up being us four. I had my mind focused on finally getting a chance to try the world famous garlic ice cream! Alas, between our late start (thanks to the waiting around for everyone to meet at my house, only to have 4 people cancel at the last minute), and the slooooow traffic on 101, we arrived too late to see Top Chef star Fabio Viviani , and missed the very item I went to the festival for: the garlic ice cream! Apparently, they planned poorly (my opinion, of course) and ran out of ice cream by 3pm on the last day. ARGH!! Despite the heat, high prices at the booths ($15 for face painting? Really? REALLY?), rather greasy food, and lack of garlic ice cream, we all managed to have a good time walking the grounds, people watching, observing a food demonstration (which smelled delicious…we didn’t get to taste though), and sipping on frozen, sugary drinks. The kids were energized the whole day, and somehow managed only 2 relatively major spats, neither of which required the earth-shattering, terrifyingly intense, “don’t make me stop this car”, Auntie stare-down from the rear view mirror, but rather a solid snap of the fingers and a terse “quiet” in a confident, if voice. It was a good day!

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