Freestyle Love Supreme gets Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award nominations

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 by

Hello friends,I woke up this morning to the excitement of Broadway World announcing that Freestyle Love Supreme has been nominated for 2 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards:

  • Best production
  • Best ensemble performance

I’m so excited for my glorious team of brilliant artists! The magic we made on stage, alchemy created from audience prompts, changed my brain and life in the most beautiful ways:

  • I’m no longer afraid to freestyle. I’m still not good at it, but I enjoy my wildly ineffective attempts nonetheless 😂
  • Being around genius artists who dance on the edge of their limits, make themselves vulnerable in order to create a cathartic experience for everyone in the room, including those of us onstage, inspired another level of focus and fearlessness in me. The FLS team inspired me to take a chance and express my own voice by stepping more fully into being a creative artist.
  • I’ve always enjoyed improvisational performing with bands but I’d never participated in creating entire shows from scratch – and now I love it! The spontaneity, the excitement of not knowing what’s next, the opportunities to explore musical options and take the team and the audience on a musical adventure – it’s such a thrill and a joy.

Congratulations to everyone involved with FLS, from the OG originators to the most recent Las Vegas team, cast, crew and staff: FLS


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