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I’m a Beyoncé fan.  So, this is my 2 minute review of Beyoncé’s  new album.  Timer set…go!

The woman is brilliant.  Yes, the images are more provocative than my conservative taste prefers, but I appreciate how she embraces feminine sexuality and power.  I have questions about the decision to have such a huge slant toward objectification of female body parts (particularly her booty), after all, we NEVER see male artists of her caliber showing off their near nude bodies in this way (even when they actually are extremely beautiful men).  But overall, it’s a work of art.  I could say more, but running out of time…

I was overwhelmed by the videos, so I need to keep listening to the music to gauge my opinion of it.

Favorite song, no question, is “Flawless”.  It’s bringing out the Oakland girl in me.  “I woke up like this…”

Second favorite, “Grown Woman”.  So far anyway.

Favorite video is “Ghost”.  Stunning.

I also loved the videos for “Grown Woman”, “Blue”, the dancers in “Mine”.

I’m a fan.  I’d still prefer less focus on her booty…but again, I’m conservative.

Times up!

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