April Gigs = Awesome!

Saturday, April 27th, 2013 by

Thank you to everyone who came and supported my local shows this month.  It was seriously fun to organize and get back to performing on a regular basis.  More to come soon!

Now that the month is nearly over, and the final show was last night, it’s time for me to spend a day doing NOTHING.  Maybe even the rest of the weekend.  The day started out busy: I had several students, went to serve as a judge for the NAACP ACT-SO Competition (at Acts Full Baptist Church), ran several errands, and am about to sit down with my late lunch and do NOTHING.  Maybe I’ll watch something on TV (90 minutes is about the extent of my TV watching tolerance), read a book, write a poem, write a song, take a nap, or just sit outside in my yard taking in the beautiful sunshine we have today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a yoga retreat with one of my BFFs, and then…who knows?  I’m going to leave the day open and not schedule anything.  What a gift to have that kind of freedom.

Back to work on Monday though.  I do have a CD to finish.

Love to you all!


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