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It’s almost ready!  I just delivered the master CD to the CD manufacturer.  Yay!!  My first EP (a collection of 6 songs, less than a full length CD, often used as an introduction to a new artist) is now out of my hands and being duplicated.  I’m so proud of the music and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  Many thanks to my collaborators: Red Spider MultimediaBradley James Falconer for R00KAmy LevineMitchell WilcoxWolf Wein for Wolf Track Audio and everyone who played roles in this effort.

I had no idea how much effort goes into the full process of releasing a CD.  Yes, I have a Christmas CD (which, since the season is approaching, you can download here: Victoria Theodore: Christmas), but that was different because it wasn’t original music.  I started this process over a year ago in earnest, and I’m looking forward to holding the tangible product in my hands.  But even more, I’m looking forward to performing on a regular basis again.

Back in April, when I started working with my co-producer, Brad, I decided that it didn’t make sense to book (or take) any more local gigs without having a product to sell.  So, I cut way way way back in local performing so I could focus.  Not an easy task for a music addict like me, but I found it a necessary evil.  Of course, I made sure to always be available for Stevie Wonder gigs (I’m not insane, after all!), but otherwise, I really stepped back.  I’m so ready to start playing again!  Now that I have my own EP, I also look forward to performing MY music!!  Yay!

So, with that stated, I’m performing with Kymberly Jackson on Saturday, November 3 in Oakland!  And, yes, you’ll be able to buy my EP at the show!  Kymberly always puts on a great show and has a loyal following, so be sure to get your tickets early!

57th Street Gallery

The Kymberly Jackson Jazz Experience – 8:30PM – 11PM (doors open at 5PM)

5701 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA 94609
Price: $15
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