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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 by
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It’s been a loooong day! This morning I drove to Sacramento to do an audition for a commercial. I decided years ago to join a casting agency, because, well, you just never know if you have the exact look a client is seeking. I’m not a trained actor, and don’t have any visions of myself performing Shaekspeare any time soon, but I’ve done a little bit of acting (commercials, extra work on movies, etc.), and leave that option available to myself to pursue, should an exciting opportunity fall into my lap – as so many things in my life do! I was paired with another actor, who played my “husband”, and we practiced our lines for about 30 minutes. I think I did a good job, and the cameraman seemed pleased with my performance. I hope I get the job!

After the audition, I went to visit my Grandmother and uncle. My Grandmother has survived a series of strokes and is determined to regain her health. I’m so proud of her for her valiant fight to maintain her independence and of my uncle for being there to support her. I don’t visit her nearly enough…

I returned to the Bay Area, stopped by my aunt’s house since my sister was in town visiting her with my niece and nephew. My nephew is getting to be such a big boy! He’s only 8, but outweighs me by nearly 30 pounds, and will surely be taller than me by next year. He’s such a natural for football, and is just now starting to enjoy the sport. My niece is (of course, the girly girl like her auntie) a cheerleader for his team. They’re both so cute!

Finally, I got home, and felt sufficient fatigue beginning to settle upon me (and a significant case of indigestion), that I took a miniscule 10 minute nap before getting dressed and heading to my gig. And what a fun gig! Despite not feeling well (and being overwhelmed with the heat from a nearly 100° day), I performed with my friend Kevin (on bass), who’d invited me to participate on the gig. I was thrilled to find a HUGE group of friends and family attended the show: William, Carla, Amy (who played and sang a tune – she’s awesome!), Tony, Ken, Bruce (who sang a couple of tunes with me and rocked the house!), Ron, Linda, Polly, Teri (who took some lovely photos of me at the gig!) and most surprisingly, my Grandfather! My Grandfather had not attended one of my performances in many years, and I was very happy to see him there. Thank you to everyone for coming, and I look forward to performing at E-22 Café!

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