A Driven Week

Monday, March 16th, 2009 by

Not my car. Photo used for effect (I do love an Aston Martin DB9, though…)

No more driving. I’m done. Well, for the day. This week, I drove to and from LA for my gig, and then today drove to Sacramento to visit my grandmother (ok, my cousin Tony drove, but I was in the car). I am utterly car fatigued. I was supposed to have a rehearsal this evening, but thankfully it was cancelled. I would have been rather useless.

I’m so wiped out that despite wanting to practice, I’ve decided to take the night off and … drum roll …just relax! I might even take a bubble bath! I’ll get up early tomorrow morning and practice. Really… I mean it! No, I’m not kidding… I’m not going near the piano… Not even to try this really cool new exercise that Peter Horvath showed me… No!!!! Tomorrow!!! Get up now, and walk away from the studio. Don’t look at the piano as you exit, Victoria! Bubble bath….buuuubbbbblllle baaaaath… sleeeeeeeep! I can do it! I can resist the temptation… inhale, and GO RELAX!

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